December 13, 2010

Helsinki Winner & Finnish Winner Show 11.-12.12.2010

Of course we participated in the biggest dog show of Finland (and Nordic Countries) but this time there were only two Iosono dogs presented on Saturday and three on Sunday. The entries for the Cirnecos were pretty low compared to normal, too (on Saturday 17 and Sunday 21 if I remember correctly).

Our dogs did well: on Saturday at Helsinki Winner Show Rocco (Iosono Ganimede) was 3rd best male with res-CAC and res-CACIB and Peppi (Iosono Deja Vu) 3rd best female with res-CACIB that will be confirmed into CACIB later. It was only three weeks before the show when Peppi stopped giving milk to her puppies!

On Sunday at Finnish Winner Show we also had Capo (Iosono Siciliano) entered and he ended up 4th best male. Rocco was 2nd excellent in his class after Capo. Peppi was the 2nd best female with CACIB. Not bad for our mommy who still had a little bit disturbing underline ;)


Rocco with owner Marko

November 28, 2010

Helsinki puppy show 28.11.2010

6 IGs entered for Harri Lehkonen:

Iosono Orion BOB puppy
Iosono Olympia BOS puppy

October 31, 2010

Baltic Winner Show 2010 Riga (Latvia)

Iosono Galileo Galilei BOB, CACIB, CAC & new Latvian Champion

Lahti INT 30.-31.10.2010

Iosono Ganimede Best Male 2 res-CACIB CAC

October 24, 2010

Seinäjoki INT 23.-24.10.2010

Vespina BOB, BOB veteran

Lahti puppy show 24.10.2010

Iosono Olympia BOB puppy

October 4, 2010

RIP Miki

Rest in peace our beloved Miki (Iosono Michelangelo).

27.7.2001 - 4.10.2010

Miki died due to renal amyloidosis.

October 3, 2010

European Sighthound Winner Show & European Winner Show

Sighthound Winner SHow: Iosono Galileo Galilei BOB & European Sighthound Winner 2010
European Winner Show: Iosono Galileo Galilei exc.2.

October 2, 2010

Track racing competition 2.10.2010

Roope (Iosono Romulus) won track racing competition. Time 23,77 sec (280 m).

September 30, 2010

Cirneco puppies born

Cirneco puppies were born 30.9.2010: 3 males and 2 females

Sire: Iosono Siciliano
Dam: Iosono Deja Vu

September 19, 2010

Hyvinkaa track racing 19.9.

1. Vespinja's Cara Mia Iosono 23,62 s
2. Iosono Romulus 23,63 s
3. Coilsto's Armani 24,17 s

September 18, 2010

Iosono 10 years

We spent Iosono 10 year anniversary last September as our very first litter was born in September 2000. We had a nice fun day and party among our puppy owners and friends and if I counted right there were over 30 people and over 30 Cirnecos & Italian Greyhounds.

September 12, 2010

Award for excellent breeding

The Finnish Sighthound Club awarded us with a prize for breeding qualitative Cirnecos as first Cirneco dell'Etna breeders in Finland. Thank you, we feel extraordinary happy!

Porvoo national show 12.9.2010

Iosono Ganimede BOB, CAC
Vespinja's Delightful BOS, CAC & new Finnish Champion

September 11, 2010

Köyliö national show 11.9.2010

Iosono Incredibile BOB
Agata dell'Ovo Best Female 2 CAC

Lure coursing at Nilsiä 11.9.2010

1. Iosono Divina 262+224=486 CQ
2. Vespinja's Europa 231+230=461 CAC
3. Are But Not's Eternal Embrace 93
4. Vespinja's Eris 77
-. Vespinja's Caramella disk

September 5, 2010

Romania 2 x CACIB 4.-5.9.2010

First day: Iosono Galileo Galilei BOB, CACIB & CAC
Second day: Iosono Galileo Galilei BOB, CACIB & CAC & Romanian Champion

September 4, 2010

Helsinki national show 4.9.2010

Honore's Destino de Tekoneva Best Male 2, CAC & new Finnish Champion!

August 29, 2010

Martin successful in Europe

Moldova 8/2010
Iosono Galileo Galilei BOB, CAC, Moldovian Champion Group-3!

Macedonia 2 x CACIB 8/2010
First day: Iosono Galileo Galilei BOB, CACIB, CAC & Macedonian Champion
Second day: Iosono Galileo Galilei BOB, CACIB, CAC & Group-3

Bulgaria national 8/2010
Iosono Galileo Galilei BOB, CAC & Bulgarian Champion

Montenegro 2 x CAC 8/2010
First day: Iosono Galileo Galilei BOB, CAC & Montenegro Champion
Second day: Iosono Galileo Galilei BOB, CAC & Group-2

August 22, 2010

Finnish Lure Coursing Winner competition

1. Iosono Divina 245 + 256 = 501 CQ Finnish Lure Coursing Winner 2010
2. Colisto's Armani 219 + 220 = 439 CAC
3. Vespinja's Europa 213 + 220 = 433 CQ
4. Anharbn Yellow River 194 + 225 = 419 CQ
5. Vespinja's Eris 122 p
6. Vespinja's Cardamone 0 p

August 18, 2010

HVK Cup track racing competition 18.8.2010

1. Iosono Romulus 30,32 sec (350 m)
2. Vespinja's Cara Mia Iosono 33,08 sec (350 m)

August 1, 2010

A trip to Baltia & specialty show in Riga 1.8.2010

We took Miki and Tosca with us and went for a holiday to Riga. We also participated in sighthound specialty "Baltic Sighthound 2010". The Cirnecos (two were present) were judged by Jean Louis Grünheid and Tosca was Best of Breed. We had Peppi also entered but she stayed in Finland as she had hot dates with her husband. Miki wasn't entered but he was keeping his paws up for Tosca.

Moscow national show 1.8.2010

Iosono Galileo Galilei BOS, CAC & new Russian Champion

July 31, 2010

Lure Coursing competition in Tampere area 31.7.2010

Congratulations Elina & Capo who participated in his first LC competition! The results:

1. Capo, Iosono Siciliano 232 + 244 =476 p LC certificate
2. Saga, Iosono Questa Qua 177 + 94 = 271 p
3. Siri, Iosono Incredibile 60 p

July 18, 2010

The Club Show 18.7.2010

The most important event of the year, our specialty show for Cirneco dell'Etnas & Italian Greyhound (known as Club Show), was organised for the 10th time. This time we had a Cirneco breeder judge, Barbka Novak (kennel Seta del Oro) judging both breeds and we had record entries: 36 Cirnecos and over 70 IGs.

I had only two dogs with me: Cirneco Iosono Deja Vu "Peppi" & Italian Greyhound Iosono Fiamma "Jemma" who had just three months ago whelped her puppies. Both did really well: Peppi was 2nd best female out of over 20 Cirneco females and Jemma was 2nd best females out of over 40 Italian Greyhound females! Our breeder's group in Cirnecos was BIS3.

There were also the following Iosono dogs present:
Rocco (Iosono Ganimede) Junior Class exc.1. BOB junior Best Male 4th
Capo (Iosono Siciliano) Intermediate Class very good 2.
Roope (Iosono Romulus) Champion class very good 3.
Cara (Iosono Serafina) Intermediate Class exc.2. (and among the 5-6 best females)
Noia (Iosono Superiore) Intermediate Class very good 4
Coco (Vespinja's Delightful) Open Class exc.1.
Peppi (Iosono Deja Vu) Champion Class exc.1. Best Female 2nd
Siri (Iosono Incredibile) Champion Class exc. 3.
Ninja (Vespinja's Cara Mia Iosono) Champion Class exc.
Dina (Iosono Divina) Champion Class exc.
Wilma (Iosono Di Moda) Champion class very good
Saga (Iosono Questa Qua) Champion class very good
Maiko (Iosono Signorina) Pet Class exc.2.

Italian Greyhounds:
Jemma (Iosono Fiamma) Champion Class exc.1. Best Female 2

July 10, 2010

Oulu INT 10.7.2010

Two international shows were held in Oulu: the first day Tiara (Iosono Dolce Vita) was 2nd best female and the second day she got "very good".

July 4, 2010

Forssa 4.7.2010

Four Cirnecos were entered for Harto Stockmari and he admired Siri (Iosono Incredibile) the most so Siri was best of breed. Coco (Vespinja's Delightful) was 2nd best female with CAC.

July 3, 2010

Pori INT 3.7.2010

Saga (Iosono Questa Qua) was BOS with the first CACIB of hers under Markku Mähönen.

June 20, 2010

Rovaniemi International Show 19.-20.6.2010

Tiara (Iosono Dolce Vita) was Best of Breed with CACIB under Eivind Mjaerum (Norway). Congrats!

June 13, 2010

Agility success, we went up to 2nd class

We participated in two agility competitions with Tosca (Iosono Diamante) 12-13.6.

In 12th of June we had one start that was clean run and we got our first agility certificate! Due to this we are now competing in the 2nd class! Our placement was 7th ouf of 36 dogs.

The following day was another agility competition in Espoo and our first competition in 2nd class. It was a tricky one but we did one mistake in the beginning of the course in a very easy spot (sigh) and lost some time due to it. The rest of the course went without mistakes, we avoided all the tricky ones. So it was a quite good start in 2nd class. :) Our placement was 8th ouf of 21 dogs.

May 30, 2010

Joensuu National Show 29.5. & International Show 30.5.2010

Day 1 national show: Dina (Iosono Divina) was Best Female 2nd with CAC and became Finnish Champion.
Day 2 international show: Dina was BOB with CACIB.

May 29, 2010

Agility competition in Rauma 29.5.2010

Tosca (Iosono Diamante) & Inka had two starts:
1. start: We got one fault due to Inka's mistake but otherwise the course went extremely well, time was a lot of under the standard course time. We placed 5th out of 30 dogs.
2. start: not qualified due to Tosca's interest to A-frame instead of jump but the rest of the course went without faults. ;)

May 23, 2010

Derby lure coursing competition in Hyvinkää 23.5.2010

Every year there is a lure competition for dogs who turn 3 years during the year. This year there were two dogs in this competition and our superstar in lure coursing, Dina, (Iosono Divina) won the race with new title Derby Lure Coursing Winner 2010 (DVM-10). Only one race (and not two) was ran due to bad circumstances in the competition.

The results:

1. Iosono Divina 224 points DVM-10
2. Colisto's Armani 214 LC CAC

May 22, 2010

23.5.2010 Helsinki International Show

9 Cirnecos participated in the show for Säde Hohteri (Finland). Today the brightest star was our very own Tosca (Iosono Diamante) who was Best of Breed with the final CACIB that made Tosca new International Champion! Handsome Rocco (Iosono Ganimede) was 2nd best male with res-CAC and he was also BOB junior. Ninja (Vespinja's Cara Mia Iosono) was 3rd best bitch and Coco (Vespinja's Delightful) won her class and gained res-CAC.

Agility competition in Vantaa 22.5.2010

Two starts to Tosca (Iosono Diamante) & Inka.

The 1st start: one fault and some extra time but because the course was difficult, Inka & Tosca placed 2nd
The 2nd start: not qualified because Tosca wanted to run to teeter-trotter instead of tunnel that is normally Tosca's favourite.

May 16, 2010

Mynämäki national show 16.5.2010

The Cirnecos were judged by Margaret Martin (Ireland).
Saga (Iosono Questa Qua) was Best of Opposite Sex with final CAC and she became Finnish Champion
Our younster Capo (Iosono Siciliano) was Best of Breed (he has been BOB 4 times out of 4 shows this year) with CAC.

Turenki group show 16.5.2010

Team WC (aka Wilma & Coco) participated in Turenkin show under Marianne Holm (Finland). Wilma (Iosono Di Moda) was Best of Breed with final CAC and she became Finnish Champion. Coco (Vespinja's Delightful) was 2nd best female & got res-CAC.

May 15, 2010

Rauma national show 15.5.2010

Capo (Iosono Siciliano) was Best of Breed with CAC, judged by Kirsti Louhi.

May 13, 2010

13.5.2010 Kajaani lure coursing competition

The most winning lure courser of the last year, Dina (Iosono Divina), made it clear that she is still going strong. Dina was Best in Field of all breed and she gained record points (535) for the breed! Besides this, Dina got the 5th LC CAC and she became Finnish Lure Coursing Champion! The judge said that Dina's final run was almost perfect.

The results:

1. Iosono Divina 265+270 = 535 CAC -> Finnish Lure Coursing Champion
2. Kimblewick Judith 242+238=480 SA
3. Vespinja's Carezza 182+219=401 SA
4. Vespinja's Eris 95

May 9, 2010

9.5.2010 Salo dog show

Iosono Siciliano BOB & CAC
Iosono Questa Qua BOS & CAC.

May 8, 2010

8.5.2010 Pello dog show

Iosono Dolce Vita was BOB with final CAC at Pello dog show and she became Finnish Champion! In the group finals Tiara was selected among the best 7 dogs. Congratulations Tiara & Terhi!

May 2, 2010

Health checks

Thanks to our puppy owners for taking their dogs to eye & patella tests:

Italian Greyhound Iosono Fiamma clear eyes & patella 0/0
Italian Greyhound Necku Iosono Verona vitreous degeneration and some other modifications in the eyes (Nala's eyes were examined clear in 2006 so it's very important to do re-check to older dogs, too)
Cirneco dell'Etna Iosono Diamante clear eyes (except only one additional eyelash in inner eyelid) & patella 0/0
Cirneco dell'Etna Iosono Di Moda clear eyes & patella 0/0
Cirneco dell'Etna Iosono Qualitativo clear eyes & patella 0/0
Cirneco dell'Etna Iosono Quintessenza clear eyes & patella 0/0

April 24, 2010

Lahti INT 24.4.2010

Tosca (Iosono Diamante) was 2nd best bitch with res-CACIB, judged by Outi Piisi-Putta.

April 23, 2010

Italian Greyhound puppies were born 23.4.2010

Sire: Dervisch Papavero
Dam: Iosono Fiamma

2 males, 1 female

April 17, 2010

Vaasa INT 17.4.2010

Vespina was BOS & BOB veteran.

April 5, 2010

Agility success 3.4. ja 5.4. - two clean runs

Tosca (Iosono Diamante) and Inka did well in agility competitions during the Easter weekend. Two clean runs, placements 5th of out 44 dogs and 3rd out of 47 dogs. Wohoo!

March 28, 2010

Luxembourg INT 27.-28.3.2010

Iosono Galileo Galilei was BOB in Luxembourg and became Luxenbourg Junior Champion.

March 20, 2010

Tampere international show 20.3.2010

Iosono Deja Vu was BOB & CACIB
Iosono Generoso e Grandioso Best Junior Male and 3rd Best Male

March 7, 2010

Agility competition in Hyvinkää 7.3.2010

Inka & Tosca (Iosono Diamante) participated in their 2nd agilitycompetition: they did clean run in the first course with time 36,57 sec (SCT 47 sec) and placement was 8th ouf of 50 dogs. In the 2nd course they did one mistake but the placament was 8th again out of 51. It was really difficult as only two dogs got clean run.

7.3.2010 Hyvinkää maxi 1: result 0, time 36,57 sec (SCT 47 sec), placement 8/50, judge Mika Moilanen
7.3.2010 Hyvinkää maxi 1: result 5,35, time 48,35 sec (SCT 48 sec), placement 8/51, judge Jarmo Jämsä

YouTube video of Inka's & Tosca's clean run

February 21, 2010

Martin successful in Moldova

Iosono Galileo Galilei became Moldovian Junior Champion in Moldova. There were triple dog show (one international and two national shows) and in International Show Martin became Best of Group 3rd under Espen Engh! He was BOB in every three shows. Congratulations Alena & Tanya!

February 14, 2010

Tallinn INT 14.2.2010

Tosca (Iosono Diamante) was BOB with CAC & CACIB and became Estonian Champion.

January 31, 2010

Agility competition 31.1.2010

The BIG day, our first official agility competition with Tosca (Iosono Diamante). And what a success in our first competition: we did well and only one fault in both courses. Our placement was 4th out of 43 dogs in the first course and 10th out of 44 in the 2nd course.



31.1.2010 Hyvinkää maxi 1: result 5, placement: 4/43, time 46,27 (SCT 47 sec), judge Ritva Herrala 
31.1.2010 Hyvinkää maxi 1: result: 6,06, placement: 10/44, time: 57,06 (SCT 56 sec), judge Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen

January 23, 2010

Turku INT

We had a nice day at Turku INT show, 7 entries for Lotte Jörgensen. Our young 1-year-old boy Iosono Siciliano (Capo) was BOB and our breeder's group was BOB, too! Congratulations to Capo's owner Elina, Capo did great!

Iosono Siciliano to the left

January 18, 2010

Tosca Best in Show 2!

The year started nicely. My sweet and cutie dog, Tosca, did some history. She won BOB, CAC & Latvian Champion title and also Best of Group 1 and finally Best in Show 2 in Latvia! She is the first Cirneco dell'Etna who has won Best in Show 2 placement! This is the 2nd highest placement for a Cirneco ever in history.

My sincere thanks to Juri & Nada who made this all possible!

Tosca going Best of Group 1 (and later BIS2)