February 14, 2011

Tallinn dog show 13.2.2011

Elina, me and the dogs Capo (Iosono Siciliano) & Peppi (Iosono Deja Vu) packed the car and headed to harbour in Helsinki. Our destination was a combined holiday & dog show weekend in Tallinn. The trip and company was just great and I guess the couple Peppi & Capo (by the way, they are the parents of our latest Cirneco litter) enjoyed at least as much as we did!

There were seven Cirnecos which I think is the record in Estonian dog shows. All of them were Finnish origin. Capo got very good but Peppi did well as usually and she went Best Bitch and finally Best of Breed with CAC & CACIB. Now Peppi is also Miss Estonia aka Estonian Champion. ;)

Peppi BOB, CACIB, CAC & EE Ch in Tallinn 13.2.2011
photo by Sari Pulkkinen

February 9, 2011

Aida & Friidu

Today I visited Erika & Olli, the owners of Aida (Peppi's daughter) and Friidu (the most beautiful cat, Cornish Rex).

Here are some pictures by Olli:

Aida & Friidu

Aida - look-a-like to her aunt Tosca!!!

February 5, 2011

Tosca & Peppi, winter 2011

The sisters Tosca & Peppi are not into winter (neither me) but sometimes they are enjoying the snow: