July 31, 2010

Lure Coursing competition in Tampere area 31.7.2010

Congratulations Elina & Capo who participated in his first LC competition! The results:

1. Capo, Iosono Siciliano 232 + 244 =476 p LC certificate
2. Saga, Iosono Questa Qua 177 + 94 = 271 p
3. Siri, Iosono Incredibile 60 p

July 18, 2010

The Club Show 18.7.2010

The most important event of the year, our specialty show for Cirneco dell'Etnas & Italian Greyhound (known as Club Show), was organised for the 10th time. This time we had a Cirneco breeder judge, Barbka Novak (kennel Seta del Oro) judging both breeds and we had record entries: 36 Cirnecos and over 70 IGs.

I had only two dogs with me: Cirneco Iosono Deja Vu "Peppi" & Italian Greyhound Iosono Fiamma "Jemma" who had just three months ago whelped her puppies. Both did really well: Peppi was 2nd best female out of over 20 Cirneco females and Jemma was 2nd best females out of over 40 Italian Greyhound females! Our breeder's group in Cirnecos was BIS3.

There were also the following Iosono dogs present:
Rocco (Iosono Ganimede) Junior Class exc.1. BOB junior Best Male 4th
Capo (Iosono Siciliano) Intermediate Class very good 2.
Roope (Iosono Romulus) Champion class very good 3.
Cara (Iosono Serafina) Intermediate Class exc.2. (and among the 5-6 best females)
Noia (Iosono Superiore) Intermediate Class very good 4
Coco (Vespinja's Delightful) Open Class exc.1.
Peppi (Iosono Deja Vu) Champion Class exc.1. Best Female 2nd
Siri (Iosono Incredibile) Champion Class exc. 3.
Ninja (Vespinja's Cara Mia Iosono) Champion Class exc.
Dina (Iosono Divina) Champion Class exc.
Wilma (Iosono Di Moda) Champion class very good
Saga (Iosono Questa Qua) Champion class very good
Maiko (Iosono Signorina) Pet Class exc.2.

Italian Greyhounds:
Jemma (Iosono Fiamma) Champion Class exc.1. Best Female 2

July 10, 2010

Oulu INT 10.7.2010

Two international shows were held in Oulu: the first day Tiara (Iosono Dolce Vita) was 2nd best female and the second day she got "very good".

July 4, 2010

Forssa 4.7.2010

Four Cirnecos were entered for Harto Stockmari and he admired Siri (Iosono Incredibile) the most so Siri was best of breed. Coco (Vespinja's Delightful) was 2nd best female with CAC.

July 3, 2010

Pori INT 3.7.2010

Saga (Iosono Questa Qua) was BOS with the first CACIB of hers under Markku Mähönen.