December 11, 2011

Finnish Winner Show 2011

Today 22 Cirnecos were judged by Guido Schäfer.

Our results

Iosono Deja Vu BOB CACIB Finnish Winner 2011
Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn Best Male 2nd res-CACIB
Iosono Pinocchio excellent 3 in Junior Class
Iosono Incredibile very good in Champion Class

Colisto's Beato (son of Iosono Michelangelo) BOS CACIB Finnish Winner 2011

BOS Colisto's Beato (son of our late Iosono Michelangelo) and BOB our Peppi

December 10, 2011

Helsinki Winner Show 2011

15 Cirnecos were presented to Dutch judge Gerard Jipping.

Our results:

Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn BOB CACIB Helsinki Winner 2011
Iosono Deja Vu BOS CACIB Helsinki Winner 2011

Lucky BOB & Peppi BOS

November 20, 2011

Jyväskylä 2 x INT show in November

Day 1, judged by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn BOB, CACIB
Iosono Deja Vu BOS, CACIB
Iosono Pinocchio excellent 1 in Junior Class

Marisla's Amantea (daughter of Iosono Divina) Best Female 2 CAC

Lucky BOB, Peppi BOS

Day 2, judged by Tino Pehar

Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn BOB, CACIB
Iosono Deja Vu Best Female 2 CACIB

Marisla's Amantea Best Female 1 CACIB BOS
Marisla's Andrano (son of Iosono Divina)  Best Male 2 CAC
Disaronno Degli Bresars (son of Iosono Siciliano) Best Male 3 res-CAC

Lucky BOB, Gimma BOS

November 13, 2011

Helsinki puppy show 13.11.2011

Three Italian Greyhounds were presented and our Minos (Iosono Luminoso) was BOB puppy and Best in Group 2 puppy.

October 29, 2011

Seinäjoki INT 29.10.2011

Peppi (Iosono Deja Vu) returned the rings after her motherleave and she was Best Female 2nd with CACIB. Our Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn gained CACIB and was BOS for the first time and Iosono Divina's young daughter Marisla's Amantea was BOB.

September 18, 2011

Finnish Sighthound Club's specialty 18.9.2011

It was time for the Finnish Sighthound Club's annual specialty with nice entry, 16 Cirnecos.
Judge: Niksa Lemon.

Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn was Best Male and BOB
Iosono Pinocchio was 2nd best male with CAC
Vespinja's Cara Mia Iosono was BOS ("Ninja" is the mother of our G litter)
Iosono Penelopeia very good
Iosono dell'Ovo very good

Marisla's Amantea (Iosono Divina daughter) BOB puppy

Lucky BOB, Ninja BOS

September 4, 2011

Vantaa national show 4.9.2011

Great day at Vantaa:

Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn was BOB
Iosono Serafina was BOS with CAC and she became new Finnish Champion

Disaronno Degli Bresars (son of Iosono Siciliano) was Best Male 2 with CAC
Marisla's Alessandria (daughter of Iosono Divina) was BOB puppy

Cara BOS, Lucky BOB

Brand new Finnish Champion "Cara"

Sastamala group show 4.9.2011

Entry of 3 and Iosono dell'Ovo gained his first CAC with BOS win.

"Iigor" BOS and Vespinja's Highland Mist BOB

August 27, 2011

Tervakoski INT 27.8.2011

The Cirnecos were judged by Säde Hohteri and our results were:

Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn BOB, CACIB, made a cut in the group
Iosono Pinocchio very good in Junior Class

Lucky BOB, Vespinja's Faustina (grandaughter of our Iosono Michelangelo) BOS

August 14, 2011

Tervakoski INT 13.-14.8.2011

Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn made some history.

First he was BOB for the third time in a row with third CAC and he became Finnish Champion.
Then he won the FCI 5 Group as a first Cirneco in Scandinavia!

July 31, 2011

Pori INT 31.7.2011

Iosono Siciliano was BOB with CAC
Iosono Penelopeia excellent 1 in Junior Class

Judge: Outi Piisi-Putta

July 25, 2011

Cirneco puppies were born

Our 10th Cirneco litter "C-litter" was born 25th of July. 4 males and 3 females.

Sire: Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn
Dam: Iosono Deja Vu

July 14, 2011

Track racing results from the spring - summer 2011

14.7.2011 Helsinki 350 m

1. Vespinja's Cara Mia Iosono 29,15 s
2. Iosono Romulus 29,24 s

19.6.2011 Tähtisprintteri 2011 Helsinki

First lap 280 m
1. Roope, Iosono Romulus 29,34 s
2. Frodo, Colisto’s Armani
-. Ninja, Vespinja’s Cara Mia Iosono disq

Final 280 m
1. Roope, Iosono Romulus 23,16 TS-11
2. Frodo, Colisto’s Armani -

8.6.2011 Helsinki 280 m

1. Roope, Iosono Romulus 29,34 s
2. Ninja, Vespinja’s Cara Mia Iosono 31,32 s

29.5.2011 Helsinki 350 m

First lap 350 m
1. Roope, Iosono Romulus 29,53s
2. Ninja, Vespinja’s Cara Mia Iosono 31,28s
3. Frodo, Colisto’s Armani 31,72s

Final 350 m
1. Roope, Iosono Romulus 30,79 s SICRM-11
2. Ninja, Vespinja’s Cara Mia Iosono 32,32 s
3. Frodo, Colisto’s Armani -

19.5.2011 Tampere 280 m

1. Frodo, Colisto’s Armani 22,38 s CAC
2. Maiko, Iosono Signorina 25,55 s

July 3, 2011

Karjaa national show 3.7.2011

Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn was BOB with CAC.

July 2, 2011

Tuusula national show 2.7.2011

Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn made his debut in shows and Lucky was BOB with CAC.

Disaronno Degli Bresars (son of Iosono Siciliano) was 2nd best male with res-CAC.

Lucky BOB - it was a hot day

May 22, 2011

Helsinki INT show 22.5.2011

Iosono Deja Vu BOB, CACIB
Iosono Ganimede BOS, CACIB
Iosono Serafina Best Female 2 res-CACIB CAC

This was the final show for Peppi (Iosono Deja Vu) before her motherleave. She was shown for the 6th time this year and she gained her 6th BOB at the show.


May 21, 2011

Italian Greyhound puppies born

Our third Italian Greyhound litter was born 21.5.2011: 3 males and 1 female.

Sire Lux Loral Hector Herberto
Dam Iosono Fiamma

May 15, 2011

Rauma national show 14.-15.5.2011


Iosono Deja Vu BOB
Iosono Siciliano BOS
Iosono dell'Ovo very good

Italian Greyhounds:

Iosono Odysseus excellent 1 BOB junior
Iosono Olympia good 

May 8, 2011

Suomi Cup 2011 LC competition 8.5.2011

The results

1. Dina, Iosono Divina 247 + 259 = 506 SA CVM-11
2. Frodo, Colisto’s Armani 239 + 239 = 478 CQ

May 7, 2011

Tampere INT show 7.5.2011

Iosono Deja Vu was BOB with CACIB

BOB Peppi and BOS Kimblewick Sicilian Storm (grandson of Iosono Milla Magia)

April 25, 2011

LC SIC championship competition 25.4.2011

The results

1. Frodo, Colisto’s Armani 196 + 235 = 431 p CAC FI LCCH SICM-11
2. Dina, Iosono Divina 208 + 195 = 403 CQ
-, Capo, Iosono Siciliano 0
-, Verdi, Colisto’s Verdi 0


Agility competitions in April

Some photos in the agility competition in April
Starring: Tosca (Iosono Diamante) and Inka

April 23, 2011

Narva national show in Estonia 23.4.2011

Four Cirnecos were presented at Narva and Iosono Galileo Galilei was BOB with CAC and he became Estonian Champion.

April 22, 2011

Lahti INT show 22.4.2011

Iosono Deja Vu BOB & CACIB
Iosono Ganimede BOS, CACIB, CAC -> new Finnish Champion

April 2, 2011

Kokemäki dog show 2.4.2011

Iosono Siciliano BOB, CAC -> new Finnish Champion
Iosono dell'Ovo excellent 1

March 27, 2011

Martin's show results

Martin's (Iosono Galileo Galilei) show results:

Eurasia 26.-27.3.2011, Moscow, Russia (13 Cirnecos)
Day 1: excellent 2
Day 2: 2nd best Male with res-CACIB and res-CAC

Ekaterinodar Spring INT at Krasnodar Russia 13.3.2011
Martin BOB with CAC, CACIB

St. Petersburg INT 26.2.2011 (4 cirnecos)Pietarin KV-näyttely 26.2.2011
Martin BOB with CAC, CACIB

Bydgoszczin 2 x shows, Poland 2.-13.2.2011
Day 1: BOB CAC

February 14, 2011

Tallinn dog show 13.2.2011

Elina, me and the dogs Capo (Iosono Siciliano) & Peppi (Iosono Deja Vu) packed the car and headed to harbour in Helsinki. Our destination was a combined holiday & dog show weekend in Tallinn. The trip and company was just great and I guess the couple Peppi & Capo (by the way, they are the parents of our latest Cirneco litter) enjoyed at least as much as we did!

There were seven Cirnecos which I think is the record in Estonian dog shows. All of them were Finnish origin. Capo got very good but Peppi did well as usually and she went Best Bitch and finally Best of Breed with CAC & CACIB. Now Peppi is also Miss Estonia aka Estonian Champion. ;)

Peppi BOB, CACIB, CAC & EE Ch in Tallinn 13.2.2011
photo by Sari Pulkkinen

February 9, 2011

Aida & Friidu

Today I visited Erika & Olli, the owners of Aida (Peppi's daughter) and Friidu (the most beautiful cat, Cornish Rex).

Here are some pictures by Olli:

Aida & Friidu

Aida - look-a-like to her aunt Tosca!!!

February 5, 2011

Tosca & Peppi, winter 2011

The sisters Tosca & Peppi are not into winter (neither me) but sometimes they are enjoying the snow:

January 24, 2011

Turku INT show 22.-23.1.2011

Two Iosono Cirnecos were entered in Turku INT show (6 Cirnecos total). This was the first show to us with the new show regulations. Nowadays the dog has to be awarded with excellent AND the CQ (certificate quality) in order to continue to the best male/female ring.

The Cirnecos had a strict judge, Hanne Laine Jensen, who gave only two CQs and the other one was Peppi (Iosono Deja Vu) who also went Best of Breed! Capo (Iosono Siciliano) got excellent but without the CQ.

Peppi to the left

We also had two IGs entered for Rudi Brandt. When entering the dogs we thought they would compete in puppy class as they turned 9 months the day of the show. According to the new show regulations they were actually in Junior Class because before a dog had to be turned x months the day before the show!

The judge liked really much Lucas (Iosono Odysseus) and gave him a striking critique but due to Luca's puppylike movements he was placed 2nd in his class but he gained excellent! The judge came to me after the judgement and said that I had really beautiful dog in my hands and if Luca's movements get tidier Lucas will have a really bright future. Lucas' sister Uma (Iosono Olympia) got very good.

January 16, 2011


Tosca & me visited Luca (Iosono Picasso):

January 7, 2011


Just before Christmas we visited Riga in order to see Jemma's future husband Herberto. Thank you Inguna for the hospitality!