January 21, 2012

Turku INT Show 21.1.2012

Our results from the show

Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn BOB, CACIB and Best in Group 3
Marisla's Alessandria (daughter of Iosono Divina) BOS, CACIB and CAC

Italian Greyhounds
Iosono Liberta BOB puppy

January 1, 2012

Year 2011 in a nutshell

What a wonderful doggy year we had.

We had two new litters; four Italian greyhound puppies were born in May and seven Cirneco puppies in July.

We imported a new dog, Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn who was also the sire of the Cirneco puppies. Lucky started her show career in July and he was the first Cirneco in Scandinavia to win a group. Lucky was almost unbeaten in shows and he was the most winning Cirneco in Finland 2011.

Before Lucky came we had had Peppi (Iosono Deja Vu) in show rings - she was also unbeaten by being BOB every time. Peppi was mated to Lucky but after her puppies she returned to rings and ended her year by being BOB at the Finnish Winner Show 2011.