July 27, 2014

Iosono Cherubino Group 3rd in Sighthound Club's Main Specialty show

Finnish Sighthound Association's Annual Show 19/07/2014, judged by Vitor Veiga:

Best of Group 3rd, Best of Breed Iosono Cherubino
Best of Male 2nd, CAC Iosono Universo

Pictured: Iosono Cherubino

Welcome to Finland, Yoda!

We imported a Cirneco male "Yoda" from Boxing Helena's kennel together with Marjo Blomberg (kennel Marisla's). This little boy was born in the middle of March out of Sicilian male Totem del Gelso Bianco and Boxing Helena's Gieffeffe.

Yoda's official name is Boxing Helena's Noble Vetiver and he lives in his own family near Helsinki.

Incredible weekend for Lucky's puppies

Lucky's (Lucky del Borgo di Pratica) progeny from four litters took part in weekend's (19.-20.7.2014) dog shows in Sweden and Finland. The puppies out of Lucky had incredible success: Five different puppies were best of breeds and three gained group placings.

19/07/2014 The Finnish Sighthound Club's Main Specialty: Aatos (Iosono Cherubino) Best of Breed and Group 3rd

19/07/2014 Mäntsälä all breed show in Finland: Inna (Marisla’s Bellezza) Best of Breed with CAC

20/07/2014 Askersund international dog show in Sweden: Bacon (Lex Murphy Bring Home The Bacon) Best of Breed, CAC and Group 3rd

20/07/2014 Kemi all breed's show in Finland: Tango (Anharbn’s Tango) Best of Breed, CAC and New Finnish Champion

20/07/2014 Köping International Dog Show in Sweden: Tesla (Lex Murphy Can’t Get Enough) Best of Breed with CAC and Group 4th, Marley (Lex Murphy Hard To Be Humble) Best of Opposite with CAC.

July 13, 2014

Iosono Cherubino Group 3rd in Pori International

Pori International Show 29/06/2014, judged by Dubravka Reicher:

Best of Group 3rd, Best of Breed & CACIB Iosono Cherubino

July 12, 2014

Lure Coursing trial in Tampere

Iosono Universo placed 4th out of 12 in Lure Coursing Competition in Tampere. Well done!

1. Tulimaan Her Highness 233+248=481 CAC
2. Cainnech Beautiful Bella 240+238=478 CAC
3. Colisto’s Isola di Sicilia 242+235=477 CAC -> new Finnish Lure Coursing Champion
4. Iosono Universo 221+227=448
5. Vespinja’s Keiko 209+235=444
6. Tulimaan Mia Milanca 187+233=420
7. Marisla’s Andrano 188+231=419
8. Vespinja’s Fortunata 221+80=301
9. Marisla’s Bagliore 200+43=243
10. Vespinja’s Faustina 202+19=221
-. Tulimaan Mia Contessa 0
-. Vespinja’s Highland Mist 0

June 28, 2014

Forssa national show 28.06.2014

Forssa nat, judged by Tino Pehar:

Best of Breed, CAC Iosono Universo
Best Dog 2nd res-CAC Lex Murphy Fierce N Furious (Lucky's son)
Best Dog 3rd Iosono Uno di Noi

Best of Opposite Iosono Champagne
Best Female 2nd CAC Iosono Celeste

BOB Breeder's Group: Iosono

June 15, 2014

Sienna became LC Champion

Our Sienna (Iosono Champagne) became Lure Coursing Champion when she chased her 5th LC CAC. Also Noia (Iosono Superiore) and Nene (Iosono Celeste) were awarded with CAC.

Mustiala 15/06/2014 LC trial

1. Regina (Tulimaan Her Highness) 240+242=482 CAC
2. Reno (Tulimaan Mio Maximus) 253+228=481 CAC
3. Noia (Iosono Superiore) 238+239=477   CAC
4. Isla (Tulimaan Mia Milanca) 234+228=462  CAC 
5. Sienna (Iosono Champagne) 237+216=453  CAC 
6. Nene (Iosono Celeste) 226+224=450  CAC 
7. Tessa (Tulimaan Mia Contessa) 222+210=432 
8. Tito (Iosono Uno di Noi) 202+163=365 
9. Venti (Iosono Universo) 30

June 4, 2014

Noia gained her first track racing CAC

Noia (Iosono Superiore) gained her first track racing CAC.

4.6.2014 Helsinki track racing trial 350 m

1. Tulimaan Her Highness 28.54 CAC
2. Tulimaan Mia Milanca 29.03 CAC
3. Iosono Superiore 29.09 CAC
4. Vespinja’s Fortunata 29.53 
5. Tulimaan Mia Contessa 29.59

May 31, 2014

Sienna & Aatos new International Champions

Sienna & Aatos took part in Estonian Winner Show 31/05/2014. The results were the best possible, both gained CAC and CACIB so they became new International & Estonian Champions and Estonian Winners 2014.

Tallinn INT Estonian Winner, judged by Guido Schäfer

BOB, CAC, CACIB EEW-14 Iosono Champagne
Best Female 2nd res-CACIB res-CAC Vespinja's Highland Mist
Best Female 3rd Vespinja's Faustina

BOS, CAC, CACIB EEW-14 Iosono Cherubino
Best Male 2nd res-CACIB res-CAC Pasquale dell'Ovo

February 15, 2014

The most winning Cirnecos in Finland

The Finnish Italian Greyhound & Cirneco Club published the results of the most winning Cirnecos in Finland 2013.

Just look at these results - wow!

The most winning Cirneco in Finland 2013 - shows

3. MARISLAS AMANTEA (dam: Iosono Divina)  56p
6. CAINNECH BEAUTIFUL BELLA (grandmother: Vespina) 49p
7. MARISLA’S ALESSANDRIA (dam: Iosono Divina) 42p
8. ARIANA LAVA DELL ETNA (grandfather: Iosono Michelangelo) 40p

All results here:

The most winning Cirneco in Finland - Iosono Champagne "Sienna"