June 28, 2014

Forssa national show 28.06.2014

Forssa nat, judged by Tino Pehar:

Best of Breed, CAC Iosono Universo
Best Dog 2nd res-CAC Lex Murphy Fierce N Furious (Lucky's son)
Best Dog 3rd Iosono Uno di Noi

Best of Opposite Iosono Champagne
Best Female 2nd CAC Iosono Celeste

BOB Breeder's Group: Iosono

June 15, 2014

Sienna became LC Champion

Our Sienna (Iosono Champagne) became Lure Coursing Champion when she chased her 5th LC CAC. Also Noia (Iosono Superiore) and Nene (Iosono Celeste) were awarded with CAC.

Mustiala 15/06/2014 LC trial

1. Regina (Tulimaan Her Highness) 240+242=482 CAC
2. Reno (Tulimaan Mio Maximus) 253+228=481 CAC
3. Noia (Iosono Superiore) 238+239=477   CAC
4. Isla (Tulimaan Mia Milanca) 234+228=462  CAC 
5. Sienna (Iosono Champagne) 237+216=453  CAC 
6. Nene (Iosono Celeste) 226+224=450  CAC 
7. Tessa (Tulimaan Mia Contessa) 222+210=432 
8. Tito (Iosono Uno di Noi) 202+163=365 
9. Venti (Iosono Universo) 30

June 4, 2014

Noia gained her first track racing CAC

Noia (Iosono Superiore) gained her first track racing CAC.

4.6.2014 Helsinki track racing trial 350 m

1. Tulimaan Her Highness 28.54 CAC
2. Tulimaan Mia Milanca 29.03 CAC
3. Iosono Superiore 29.09 CAC
4. Vespinja’s Fortunata 29.53 
5. Tulimaan Mia Contessa 29.59