July 29, 2012

Tosca's puppies

The puppies out of Uno x Tosca were born on Friday the 27th of July - the same day as their grandmother Mea was born 11 years ago. Tosca is now a proud mother of three males and two females and the mom and the pups are doing well. All puppies have been reserved.

Pori international show 28.-29.7.2012

Our 1-year-old junior Aatos (Iosono Cherubino) was Best of Breed at Pori International Show. Four Cirnecos were judged by Marja Talvitie

Italian Greyhounds were judged by Gabriel Veiga and Lucas (Iosono Odysseus) won his class with CQ and he was placed Best Male 3rd with res-CAC.

Aatos Best of Breed. He has lovely body lines and when he developes especially in his chest I think he is going to look even more wonderful. 

July 22, 2012

Finnish Sighthound Club's specialty 22.7.2012

Lucky (Lucky del Borgo di Pratica) was Best of Breed for the second year in a row at Finnish Sighthound Club's national specialty. Best of opposite sex was Gimma (Marisla's Amantea) and Peppi (Iosono Deja Vu) 2nd best bitch.

Lucky BOB

July 21, 2012

Finnish Italian Greyhound & Cirneco specialty 21.7.2012

We were honoured to have Domenico Tricomi to judge Cirnecos (45) in Finnish Italian Greyhound & Cirneco dell'Etna Club's 12th specialty called "Club Show". Mr. Tricomi is one of the gurus of the breed and he breeds Cirnecos together with Jane Moore (kennel Hadranensis)

Italian Greyhounds (89) were judged by another guru, Sandra van de Graaf, who has been breeding Italian Greyhounds for almost 25 years with affix Fiefoerniek's.

We had a wonderful day - the results were excellent, the weather was great and it was lovely to spend the day together with other Cirneco and Italian Greyhound enthusiastics.

In Cirnecos Best of Breed and finally BIS2 was Pau (Marisla's Alessandria) who is a daughter of our Iosono Divina - she is from the combination (Hadranensis Pegasus - Iosono Divina) that we tried first but didn't succeed that time and we let "Dina's" co-owner have the same combination a year later as we were having a litter out of Dina's sister at the same time.

Best female 2nd was a lovely young bitch from Estonia (Olbia del Gelso Bianco), third best bitch was Ninja (Vespinja's Cara Mia Iosono) who is the mother of our litter G, fourth best bitch was Vespinja's Must Be Good who is the aunt of our current Cirneco litter. Unofficially the fifth best bitch was Iosono Divina. :)

Best of opposite sex was 7-year-old Roope (Iosono Romulus) and his win made me cry - for the happiness. Roope is so alike his father Miki (Iosono Michelangelo) who was "once in a lifetime" dog but unfortunately it's almost two years since Miki passed away. In the past also Miki had a lot of success in the specialty for Cirnecos, 2002 he was BOB & BIS2 and 2003, 2004 and 2008 he was BOS. The second best male was our almost 1-year-old future hope Aatos (Iosono Cherubino) from Junior Class. Third best male was Taisto (Disaronno Degli Bresars) who is son of Capo (Iosono Siciliano). Fourth best male was half brother of our litter S, Verdi (Colisto's Verdi).

In the males Iosono Ciccio was exc.2. in Junior Class, his brother Iosono Classico exc.3. in Junior Class, Dina son Marisla's Andrano exc.2. in Intermediate Class Iosono Pinocchio very good 3 in Intermediate Class, Iosono Ganimede exc. 3. in Champion Class, Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn exc.4. in Champion Class and Iosono Siciliano exc. in Champion Class. Iosono Geppetto was 2nd in the Pet Class.

In the females Iosono Calathea was exc.2. in Junior Class, a Dina daughter Marisla's Amantea 2nd excellent in Intermediate Class, Iosono Deja Vu exc. 2nd in Champion Class, Iosono Serafina exc. 3rd in Champion Class. Maiko (Iosono Signorina) was best female pet.

Gimma won the best Cirneco movements competition. Roope, Lila (Iosono Calathea) and Pau were chosen among the TOP 3 in the best Cirneco heads competition of the show but finally Roope was chosen to have the best head.

Our Cirneco breeder's group was BIS2 and it was the best Cirneco breeder's group. Lucky's progeny group was BIS3. Dina was best working dog of the show. Laavakartanon Geisha who is a aughter of Tella (Iosono Quintessenza) was BIS puppy.

In Italian Greyhounds Jemma got excellent and her progeny group was BIS2 and the best IG progeny group. Iosono Luminoso and Iosono Libertà got very goods, Iosono Olympia good and Iosono Ferrari di Ferro was 2nd best pet dog out of five.

Thank you everone involved - this was another wonderful show that we will remember forever! And congratulations to the winners!

Jemma's progeny group BIS2

Roope BOS

Aatos Best Male 2nd

Gimma best movements

Roope BOS and Pau BOB & finally BIS2

Our Cirneco breeder's group BIS2

Lucky's progeny group BIS3



Photos by Jorma Ylinen, Elina S. and Jemmy.

July 11, 2012

Pregnancy news

We are having a summer holiday - and Tosca is enjoying her maternal leave as well. Below Tosca 42 days from the first mating and her tummy is starting to look huge!

July 8, 2012

Karjaa International Show 8.7.2012

Our Iigor (Iosono dell'Ovo) and his owner Saila-Annika travelled to Karjaa in order to participate International Show there. And they did well, Iigor was Best male with CAC and CACIB!

July 7, 2012

Sienna & Lucky

Daughter Sienna & father Lucky spent a nice day on Rajasaari dog island. Yes, it is an island only for dogs situated in Helsinki.




Sienna doing her favourite thing - chasing sticks from water

Tosca's belly is growing

Tosca's belly is growing... See by yourself:

Tosca 28 days from the first mating

Tosca 35 days pregnant

Tosca 39 days pregnant and she is HUNGRY!