August 27, 2012

Tosca's puppies 1 month old

Time flies as the pups are already 4,5 weeks old. Tosca enjoys so much being mother. Here are some candid shots of the puppies and their nurses.

Tosca is in her element. She loves playing with the pups. And she loves being mother.

Tosca and some of the pups, also Sienna the cousin of the puppies helps taking care of the pups

Sienna & Oddo

Ugo (the  first born male)

Oddo (the second born male)

Eolo (the third born male)

Vilna (the first born female)

The second born female (still nameless)

Martin became Norwegian Champion

Martin (Iosono Galileo Galilei) moved to Norway from Russia to live at Astrid in the beginning of the year. Astrid also has another Cirneco, Lundii (Biscotti Babetta) who is the cousin of our Tosca.

Now it was time to participate in a show in Norway and what a way: Martin was BOB and BIS4 at Podencoklubben's specialty show 18.8.2012. He also gained Norwegian CAC and became Norwegian Champion. Now he is the Champion of thirteen countries! Might be a world record? Lundii was BOS and our late Miki's (Iosono Michelangelo) granddaughter Biz (Bresars Barbarella at Biscotti) was BOB puppy and BIS3 puppy.

The day after there was held the Oslo International Show and Martin was BOB with CACIB and Lundii BOS & CACIB. I think Martin fulfilled the conditions to become FCI International Champion by gaining the CACIB. Congrats!

In a couple of days Martin will become father for the third time as Red Hawk's Beatrice (aunt to our litter D) is expecting puppies at Biscotti kennel.

August 15, 2012

Tosca's pups

The puppies are growing and developing so fast. Here are some photos of the sweeties at the age of 17 days.

August 14, 2012

Minos, Nene, Aida, Luca

The Finnish Italian Greyhound & Cirneco dell'Etna Club arranged a nice evening at Tuomarinkartano racing track. There were plenty of Cirnecos and IGs there, here are some photos of ours:

Minos, Iosono Luminoso

Nene, Iosono Celeste

Luca, Iosono Picasso

Aida, Iosono Poesia

 Minos, Iosono Luminoso

August 13, 2012

Lure coursing results

Lure coursing competition in Heinola 5.8.2012

1. Pau, Marisla's Alessandria 521 points (!!) CAC
2. Noia, Iosono Superiore 451 points CQ

Congrats to both girls, Pau got super points! And Noia ran very well in the first LC competition of hers.

August 12, 2012

Kuopio 3 x International dog show 3.-5.8.2012

Three International dog shows were held in Kuopio. On Friday there was only one Iosono dog present and he was "Capo" Iosono Siciliano. Out of seven Cirnecos he was Best of Breed with CACIB. BOS was "Gimma", Marisla's Amantea. On Saturday Gimma was BOB with CAC & CACIB out of seven Cirnecos. On Sunday Gimma continued her success by being BOB, CAC & CACIB again, this time out of 10 Cirnecos! "Indi", Iosono Classico was Best Male 2 with res-CAC and also the winner in junior class. Capo was 3rd best male.

Congrats to the winners! :)