June 13, 2010

Agility success, we went up to 2nd class

We participated in two agility competitions with Tosca (Iosono Diamante) 12-13.6.

In 12th of June we had one start that was clean run and we got our first agility certificate! Due to this we are now competing in the 2nd class! Our placement was 7th ouf of 36 dogs.

The following day was another agility competition in Espoo and our first competition in 2nd class. It was a tricky one but we did one mistake in the beginning of the course in a very easy spot (sigh) and lost some time due to it. The rest of the course went without mistakes, we avoided all the tricky ones. So it was a quite good start in 2nd class. :) Our placement was 8th ouf of 21 dogs.