May 13, 2010

13.5.2010 Kajaani lure coursing competition

The most winning lure courser of the last year, Dina (Iosono Divina), made it clear that she is still going strong. Dina was Best in Field of all breed and she gained record points (535) for the breed! Besides this, Dina got the 5th LC CAC and she became Finnish Lure Coursing Champion! The judge said that Dina's final run was almost perfect.

The results:

1. Iosono Divina 265+270 = 535 CAC -> Finnish Lure Coursing Champion
2. Kimblewick Judith 242+238=480 SA
3. Vespinja's Carezza 182+219=401 SA
4. Vespinja's Eris 95