December 14, 2015

Lazy updater

Hi folks,

I've been so lazy at updating this blog during the past year. Lots of things have happened in dog shows, lure coursing, track racing and agility; and the main thing, our dogs being our beloved pets.

However, the recent win at Finnish Winner Show 2015 needs to be mentioned on the blog. The biggest dog show of the year in Finland, Helsinki Winner Show & Finnish Winner Show, was held on the 5th and 6th December 2015. Our dogs did well:

On Saturday, Helsinki Winner Show:

Our Lumo (Lex Murphy Let's Get It On) took Best of Breed, CACIB, CAC and she became new Finnish Champion and Helsinki Winner 2015 (photo below)

Our Teppo (Hadranensis Radames) took Best of Opposite with CACIB and CAC and he became Helsinki Winner 2015 (photo below)

On Sunday, Finnish Winner Show:

Our Sienna (Iosono Champagne) took Best of Breed, CACIB and she became Finnish Winner 2015. She also got placed in group competition as high as Group-2! (photo below)

And Venti (Iosono Universo) took Best of Opposite, CACIB and he became Finnish Winner 2015.