August 6, 2013

Dog Show results of the youngsters 2013

Iosono Champagne

Our Sienna started her show career in April 2013 at the age of 20 months. She attended nine shows and gained "certificate quality" every time.

The highlight of the summer was when Sienna won her father Lucky twice during the same weekend by winning the breed. Sienna also won the best female title at the specialty show for Cirnecos (Club Show, 30 Cirnecos). At the age of 2 years and 3 days she gained her Champion title.

Sienna's dog results 2013 so far:

Vaasa INT 04/2013 BOS CAC CACIB
Lahti INT 04/2013 Best Female-2 res-CAC CACIB
Orivesi 06/2013 BOS CAC
Tuuri 06/2013 Best Female-2 CAC
Hämeenlinna 06/2013 BOB CAC
Tuusula 06/2013 BOB CAC
Trondheim INT (Norway) 07/2013 BOB CACIB CAC
Finnish Cirneco Specialty 07/2013 BOS
Helsink INT 07/2013 BOS CACIB CAC -> Finnish & Norwegian Champion

Iosono Cherubino

Young Aatos was already successful at the dog shows last year when he was the the 2nd best male in Finland.

During the year 2013 he has participated in eight shows and gained certificate quality seven times. He has won 6 CACs and 4 CACIBs in Finland and Latvia in 2013. He gained the Champion title at the age of 2 years and 2 days.

Aatos' show results 2013 so far

Jämijärvi 03/13 excellent 1
Tampere INT 05/13 BOB CACIB CAC
Rauma 05/13 BOS CAC
Latvia INT 06/13 BOS CACIB CAC
Latvia INT 06/13 BOB CACIB CAC
Finnish Sighthound Club's Specialty 07/13 Best Male-3 CAC
Finnish Cirneco Specialty 07/13 Best Male-3
Pori INT 07/13 BOB CACIB CAC -> Finnish & Latvian Champion

Iosono Classico

Indi, the litterbrother of Sienna & Aatos, has been shown only twice during 2013.

Both times he gained certificate quality and the highlight of the year was when Indi was the runner up male (2n best male) in the Cirneco specialty 2013!

Iosono Una Meraviglia

Beautiful Vilna is our keeper from the latest Cirneco litter of ours. Vilna is only one year old and she has attended three dog shows. She has gained every time certificate quality that is not an easy thing for a junior here in Finland!

Vilna's show results so far

Lahti INT 04/2013 BOS CAC
Hämeenlinna 06/2013 Best Female-2 res-CAC
Tuusula 06/2013 Best Female-3

Iosono Uno di Noi

Gorgeous Tito is Vilna's litter brother. He has been shown six times and he has gained excellent quality five times. The absolute highlight of his career is his Best of Breed win and Best in Junior-4 win out of 80(!!!) best of breed juniors at the age of 9 months. Tito was also the best Junior Male in the Cirneco Specialty.

Iosono Universo

Beautiful Venti has also been shown in Helsinki area as junior. After seven shows he has gained six excellents, 3 CACs and 1 res-CAC.

Venti was only 11 months old when he gained his first Best of Breed win and at the same time Group-4 placement! Group placements with the Cirnecos are quite rare here in Finland as FCI 5 group usually consists best of breed winners from 30-40 different breeds.

To be continued...