December 6, 2012

Long time since that latest post, sorry

Here is a little summary of the dog shows we have been into. Iosono dogs have been presented seldomly but with great results in all these shows.

November 2012 Oslo International show (Norway)

Best Male 2, CACIB Iosono Galileo Galilei

November 2012 Jyväskylä International show (Finland), judge Maria Ceccarelli from Italy

BOB CAC Iosono Calathea "Lila" (from junior class, her first show!)
BOS, CAC CACIB Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn "Lucky"
Best Male 2 res-CACIB CAC Iosono Cherubino "Aatos"
Best Male 3rd res-CAC Iosono Classico "Indi"

BOS Lucky, BOB Iosono Calathea

Lucky & Iosono Calathea

Iosono Classico

Aatos & Indi



October 2012 Turku International Show (Finland), judge Massimiliano Mannucci from Italy

BOB CAC Iosono Cherubino "Aatos" (from junior class)

Iosono Cherubino

October 2012 Enköping sighthound show (Sweden), judge Diaqcue Desquartiers from France

BOS, CAC, Swedish Champion Lucky del Borgo di Pratica Anharbn "Lucky"
Best Female 2nd, CAC Iosono Galathea "Ceres" (her first show!)
BOB and BIS3 was Chininas Un Ursula Uragano Lieve "Lava" and BOB puppy and BIS2 puppy was her son Lex Murphy Airbourne Assault "Loke", congratulations Maria!

Ceres & Lucky


Lucky & Lava

Platon & Ceres